A Fast-Tracked Security Strategy

Our client is a leading, global beverage brand, holding nearly 50% of the world’s market share for beer. They’re powerhouse in the brewing economy, with a household name brand.

The brewing market is highly competitive and heavily relies on customer loyalty and trust. Our client knew that if they wanted to continue its global growth, they would need to take a fresh eyes approach to its operations and stability, inside and out. This included a careful review of its cybersecurity strategy.

The Challenge

3 years of security packed into 1

Our client knew cybersecurity threats were only going to continue to increase in 2017 and beyond. The facts support this: in just 2016, ransomware instances increased by 50%. While mass malware attacks still account for most attacks, they’re relentless evolving into even more complex, sophisticated attacks. And by 2021, cybercrime will have cost the world’s businesses a staggering $6 trillion.

Our client’s goal: create a strategy that would protect them today while allowing them to continue to scale, safely, into the future. It was aggressive and audacious: Execute what most companies do in three years—in just one

Chronos was called to get it done.

The Strategy

An end-to-end assessment and a customized approach

Chronos kicks off each client engagement with a “Design for Impact” framework. We guarantee that each solution will adhere to these core principles.

  • Cloud first: For all the obvious reasons: streamlined operations, easy deployments and fast scalability.
  • Plug and play: No vendor lock-in. Our architecture makes it easy for clients to change technologies or upgrade, without slowing down or starting from scratch.
  • Automation: We feel that if a solution isn’t automated, it’s broken.
  • Own the IP: Custom solutions designed to fit your needs—no one else’s.

We first performed an end-to-end assessment

We came onsite to work alongside the client’s existing team. This allowed us to have a channel fast communication with senior leaders and collaborate with the team, while we looked under the hood (and gave the security infrastructure a good kick). It also minimized the need for phone calls, information gathering and executive approval since we’re onsite to handle all of that.

We evaluated everything from architecture to software with an eye for automation and the cloud—asking ourselves, how can we instill these advantages into everything we build? The executive team was included and updated –daily—with every decision along the way.

We built their IT security infrastructure from the ground up

We brought a small team onsite, full-time, to manage the entire project from start to finish. We rewrote policies. Built an entirely new architecture, rock solid. We created and managed its email and URL filtering solution; devised a comprehensive endpoint security plan; implemented authentication and aggregate log solutions; procured all necessary hardware; creating a training plan.

We put an operations system in place to keep them running

We hand-selected a managed service provider (MSP) to take over the reins of the day to day operations and incident response. We create operations guidelines and policies to ensure a smooth hand-off when our year term was finalized.

The Results

Fully caught up and future proofed

By leveraging Chronos’ deep industry expertise, our client modernized its entire security plan while completely sheltering its day to day operations. Re-thinking their security architecture and adopting our “Design for Impact” approach, our client is better equipped than ever to take on any security challenges and rapidly respond to new ones. Their systems are in the best shape they’ve ever been in, with the right controls and policies in place to protect the business from cyberthreats.



Security technologies deployed and managed




Thousand People Supported

We created custom programs to support our client’s unique challenges

  • Advanced Security Analytics
  • Security Automation & Orchestration
  • Network Threat Detection, Management and Prevention
  • Advanced Network Malware Protection
  • Advanced End-point Protection
  • Incident Forensics, Analysis and Response

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