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We fall in love with your problems.

We’re an IT systems integrator with a knack for solving complex, highly-technical problems. Enterprise clients count on us to help them define and achieve their vision of technology and business success. We keep them headed in the right direction.

To do this, we work hard to understand our clients from every angle. We work on a principle called Design for Impact (D4I) that focuses our team on your goals. We learn how you operate, about your team culture, the goals that drive you and what makes you tick. We never just throw technology at a solution and hope it solves your problem.

We’ve been in your shoes. Chronos is led by a team of veteran IT industry experts, with deep technical expertise across all practice areas. We’re serious about what we do—and that means we’re serious about delivering real value to our clients. We are headquartered in Southern California, with clients located around the world. We leverage our massive network of IT experts to not only deliver top-notch strategy, but we supply the best people in the industry to execute it, flawlessly.

We love what we do and we’re proud to do it well.

Meet Our Team

We love what we do and we’re proud to do it well.

Tony Miranda

Founder and Executive Vice President

Tony’s entire career has been spent in technology. He is an Oracle expert and veteran; he brings more than 15 years of experience in Oracle operations, data center consolidation and enterprise automation to Chronos. His experience there took him through Oracle’s vast global growth, visionary data center consolidations and complex infrastructure management. Tony’s time at Oracle gave him intense experience in managing worldwide initiatives and globally disbursed teams – the pillars that fuel enterprise growth. At Chronos, Tony oversees the company’s growth strategy and internal operations, including marketing, finance, internal technology systems, hiring and more.

Jeff Sarubbi

Founder and Executive Vice President

Jeff is head of Chronos’ client services and recruiting. Jeff’s career has focused exclusively in the technical recruiting industry. There he learned early on that the key to a successful engagement is becoming intimately familiar with clients’ needs and the nuances of their culture—and then maintaining those relationships for a lifetime. Jeff is a natural entrepreneur and relationship-driver. For him, it’s not about the engagements, it’s about the people; in fact, Jeff still works with his first client from 20 years ago. He’s an expert at putting together the puzzle pieces of a successful team. Jeff is directly involved in each Chronos client engagement—that’s the way he likes it.

Geoffrey Poer

Chief Security Officer

You can’t give Geoffrey a security problem he can’t solve. And when he solves one challenge, he’s immediately hungry for the next. Geoff is an expert in security, with experience attacking problems from all angles. He’s done it all: administration, enterprise consulting, leading a global security operations center and crafting custom security solutions for organizations of all sizes. Geoffrey spent a large part of his career in strategic, global security roles for Intuit in the high stakes, fast-moving environment of financial security. He then moved to Gaikai, a video streaming service, where he led the efforts to build custom in-application security from the ground up. At Chronos, Geoffrey shares his deep expertise and love of problem-solving with clients of all sizes.

Randy Cook

Executive Vice President, Technology

Randy is our master of systems and infrastructure. He works to thoughtfully fill in the gaps within existing client infrastructure and modernize their systems for a future-proof solution. An architect at heart, Randy does it all: communications, telephony, network architecture, virtualization and more. His background includes consulting and strategy roles at technology powerhouses, such as IBM, Oracle and Intuit. He leverages his expertise across technology—providers, hardware, software, best practices—to deliver innovation that puts the client first, every time.

Chad Putnam

Chief Financial Officer

Chad isn’t just our numbers guy. He brings a fresh perspective to every partnership and client engagement. His background ranges from the meticulous, process-driven world of Big Four auditing to the wild ride of startups and high tech. We count on Chad to leverage his vast financial experience to help strategize our path forward and evaluate where we’ve been. He’s an instrumental team player in creating our best-in-class systems and processes, and he’s extremely creative in accommodating even the most creative client demands.

Kendyll Gray


As controller, Kendyll handles everything from payroll and day-to-day accounting operations to financial analysis and corporate policy. Numbers come second nature to Kendyll—but so does a sense of humor and an organized approach. Kendyll’s worked at firms and companies of all sizes, but she especially loves the dynamic challenges the technology landscape has to offer. She’s thorough, always thinking one step ahead and may be the most easy going personality within the Chronos clan.

Ricky Grandy

Vice President, Professional Services

Some people say they’re a people person, but no one can top Ricky. He brings more than 15 years of professional recruiting experience to Chronos. Connecting and driving long-term value is his second nature: he’s taught networking and recruiting classes; he’s trained newcomers; he’s followed professionals as they climb the career ladder. His vast experience has not only created a colossal-size network; it’s taught him the long-term value of relationships. He has an uncanny knack for remembering his clients’ personal stories, cultural nuances and unique needs. This leads to remarkably strong hiring matches between clients and the folks Ricky places with them.

Stacie Jacobs

Director of Operations

Process. Organization. Efficiency. These are the aspirations that Stacie works to achieve on a daily basis. She brings life—and blissful order—to Chronos’ complex web of technology, clients and projects. Stacie is equal parts “roll with it” and “get it done.” She keeps our engines running and our clients happy. Her background of marketing ninja, operations specialist and technology service delivery make her exceptionally capable of streamlining our world and ensuring no ball gets dropped. Ever.

Ashley Ward

West Coast Sales Manager

For many of our clients, Ashley is their first introduction to the Chronos brand. Her super power: connecting people and learning their challenges—and how Chronos can solve them. Which is why she leads the Chronos business development team, championing our value to senior-level executives at some of the world’s top name brands. She’s a master at pulling all the right players into the room to get projects rolling and communication flowing. She’s known for her candor and no-nonsense work ethic. She’ll never hesitate to tell you like it is—perhaps the number one reason clients and team members alike love working with her.

Michael Orf

Vice President, Oracle Technologies

Michael spearheads Chronos’ Oracle and VMWare practices. His goal: to provide our clients with rock-solid technical and functional engineers to support their needs across both practices. He’s spent his entire career in technical consulting and management, most recently for Oracle, where he led the Northwest region’s advanced customer services team for nearly 20 years. This career-shaping experience allows Michael to guide Chronos' clients in solutions for a wide range of technologies, and bring the right resources together to achieve client success.

Kesleigh Frew

Regional Sales Manager

Kesleigh’s deep passion for her clients, upbeat personality and huge heart for doing what’s right is her hallmark. As our regional sales manager, Kesleigh works with a broad range of clients to help them complete their professional technology services portfolio. Her background is deep-rooted in end-to-end tech business development. And now at Chronos she tackles the full scope of client needs: building superstar teams, delivering professional services, and procuring premium hardware. Kesleigh will never back down from a good challenge, she’s an insanely fast communicator, and she approaches every client with a hefty dose of Southern charm.

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